In a word, No, No and No! Website’s that go for $99, are the true meaning of “Buyer Beware”!

The average website takes about 4 – 6 weeks to be properly built, designed and finalized by the client.

I’m sure your brothers, friends, cousins, niece can probably create a website for $99. However not if, but when it crashes, needs updating, gets hacked, or they forget to renew your domain name and hosting, will they know what to do?

Most of these bargain basement website shops are companies that hire freelance, sub contracted overseas designers. Who are extremely hard to contact, once sometime goes wrong. Always try to hire locally if you can, that way you can meet your designer, see their work, get references and can count on them to be there.

I have a dozen or so years of experience in web design, wordpress, e-commerce, web development, internet marketing, graphic design and Adobe Photoshop, all of this knowledge I use in the building of my clients websites.

Bottom line is, do you really want to risk letting your brothers, friends, cousins, niece be responsible for how your business is represented on the internet? Some things need to be done by professionals, your website is one of them.