Yes – Having a properly designed custom website gives you the best bang for your buck! Running 24/7/365, it reaches a far greater number of people, thereby giving you a far greater return on your investment.

Today website’s are viewed as the business card of the internet. Having a custom designed website, your time is now freed up. Your custom designed website, has the capability to answer all those time consuming random phone calls that took you away for your task at hand. Time is money, especially your time.

The initial one time cost of a professionally designed custom website, is far more cost effective, then the exorbitant monthly fees demanded by companies such as: Yellow Pages.

Did you know that:

  • With Yellow Pages you RENT your website!
  • With Candu Web Design you OWN your website.
  • If you leave Yellow Pages you LOSE your website
  • If you leave us, you KEEP your website
  • With Yellow Pages you DON’T OWN your domain name
  • With Candu Web Design you OWN your domain name because we register it in your name.
  • Yellow Pages uses MASS PRODUCED TEMPLATES to build your website.
  • Candu Web Design builds you a CUSTOM DESIGNED WordPress website to suit your specific needs.

Once completed and you need no other updates done to your site, your only future costs will be for ANNUAL hosting and domain name registration.

It’s a proven fact that a well designed and maintained website generates new business, repeat business and promotes your business 24/7/365.

If you are going to put good money down for advertising, than a cost effective well designed custom website is your best bet.