“Do I really need a monthly maintenance plan for my website?” We get asked this all the time. Yes, it’s vital that you get your website on some sort of monthly maintenance plan A.S.A.P.! “But why?”, you may ask. Let’s just say most people see their new website as if it were a new car, all shiny, fast and running smoothly. But like a new car, your website needs security maintenance on a monthly basis.

It’s a common misconception that websites run by themselves and will work flawlessly forever and ever. The truth is, they won’t, in fact they can’t. It’s impossible to just leave your website unattended and expect it to run without a hitch.

Just like your new car, things will eventually break down. You’ll need gas, new tires, new spark plugs, a new muffler and an oil change or two. Ok, but happens if it won’t start. What then? You’ll call your mechanic, right. And just like your car mechanic, your web designer will charge you by the hour (expensive) or monthly (great deal) for maintaining your website.

“But what can possibly go wrong with my website, it was designed by a professional?”  Candu Web Design Monthly Maintenance Plans You Have Been HackedWell yes, (hopefully) your site was designed by a professional, but then so was your car. Remember as you travel down that bumpy road of life in your shiny new car, you will undoubtedly hit a few potholes, dent a fender or two or even an accident. Unfortunately your website is a 100 times more vulnerable to “fender benders” and “crashes”.

Here are just a few examples of what needs daily, weekly and monthly maintaining in your website and how your web designer intervenes.

Annual Hosting – Hosting is where you park your shiny new car (website). And like the name implies, you pay for hosting annually. Forgetting to pay these fees will cause your site to go down. This fee is included in your monthly maintence plans with Candu Web Design.

Domain Name Registration – Your Domain Name (www.yourwebsite.ca) is like the license plate for your shiny new car. And this too has an annual fee. Forgetting to pay this fee will also cause your site to go down. If you’ve ever tried to buy back your domain name after it’s expired, you’ll know it can be a frustrating, time consuming and expensive ordeal. Thankfully this fee is also included in your monthly maintenance plans.

Daily – Weekly Website wp-config.php Core Updates – These are the core files that run your website, they need updating almost daily. These core files have got to be kept updated with the latest version at all times, to safe guard it against malicious viruses and security hacks.  The internet is a wonderful place but bad people with malicious intentions like nothing more to do then hack into unsuspecting peoples sites. They seek out unprotected websites, outdated core files, abandoned plugins, security loopholes and expired themes. It’s all in a days work at Candu Web Design, to maintain these vulnerabilities and keep your website core files updated and secure.

Weekly Plugin Updates – Plugins are what allows your site to have Slideshows, Mailchimp Campaigns, Shopping Carts, Website Contact Forms, Facebook, Instagram and Event Calendars etc. An average website has at least 15 different plugins installed, all needing updates at different times. Relax, we’ve got you covered with our monthly maintence plans.

Weekly Theme Updates – A website theme is a platform from which most web designers use as a base starting point when designing your website. Yup you guess it, we cover that as well.

Hourly Scanning For Brute Force Attacks, Viruses and Hacks – Probably the most important addition to our monthly maintenance plans is that we protect your site from internet intruders. All websites are open season to being hacked, brute forced attacked or infected by a malicious virus. This is one of the most time consuming and costly things to fix, should your site be hacked. Having your site security scanned daily, enables your web designer to keep an eye on your site, keeping it up to date with the latest versions of anti-spam, anti-virus and brute force attacks blockers. And yes we include this as well in our monthly maintence plans.

Daily Backup of Your Entire Website – With your monthly maintence plan , we backup your entire website, database and content files every day. This way should you push the dreaded “Reformat and Delete My Website” button by accident, we can reinstall your site. Or if your are hacked or a plugin shuts down your site, we can get your site back up and running ASAP.

So, do you have the time and the experience to maintain all of the above? What if you get hacked and your site goes down, do you know what to do? Being on a maintence plan insures you that your site stays up to date, runs smoothly and is never late paying for hosting or domain name registration. For a small monthly fee all this and more is included in our monthly maintence plans.

Why worry about the running of your website, when we can maintain it for you. With our team of professionally trained web designers, we have your website covered. We’re no super humans by any stretch of our imagination and things beyond our abilities still do happen. Should something go wrong that we can’t fit, we have a battery of techs on hand, that can solve most any advanced issue.

Your time is far more valuable in the running your business, then trying to figure out…

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