Websites take time to build, usually 4 -6 weeks depending on how fast the client gets the content to the designer. So you as the client are a big part of the whole process.

Content is king, in the search engine world that’s what makes your website stand out. So bringing your web designer as much content, images and ideas, makes for a smoother build.

The more we have, the easier it is to design a custom website that is right for you. We suggest you start off by writing, two or three lines about each of the pages you want.

For example:

  • Home¬† – Write just a little intro about your company.
  • About Us – Tell us a little bit about your business or your staff.
  • Services – What services do you offer? Add a description for each service.
  • Products – Do you sell products? What are they?
  • Contact – What’s your address, email, phone number?
  • Social Media Links – What are your facebook, twitter and/or Instagram links?

Remember all images must be in JPG or PNG format. Don’t worry about you grammar, we can fix that for you.

So relax, take a big breath, grab our email address ( and start sending us your content. And we’ll do the rest!